Industries we served - Machinery and Equipment Valuation

Ammonia Plant
Aggregates Manufacturing
Automotive Service
Baby Diapers Manufacturers
Beverage Bottling
Broad-Sheet and Tabloid Newspaper Presses
Cable and Wire Manufacturing
Cable Television Broadcasting
Carpet Manufacturing
Cattle & Hog Slaughterhouse
Cement Plants
Chemical Processing
Commercial Laundry
Commercial Off-Set Press
Community Newspaper Presses
Cookie Manufacturing
Copper, Wolfram and nickel Mining
Cutlery Manufacturing
Deep freeze warehouses
Dairy products
Diamond, Nickel, Gold, Copper Mines
Door and Window Manufacturing
Edible Oil Seeds Crushing-refining Plants
Earth Moving
Electrical Power Generation and distribution
Feeds, Corn and Flour Mills
Fish Processing and Canning
Formaldehyde plants
Foundry - Cast Iron
Garment Manufacturing
Grain Storage and Handling
Health Care
Hydro-Thermal Power Generation
Knitting and Weaving
LNG above and below ground Terminals
Metal Sheet Milling

Metal Coil Slitting
Metal Extrusion
Metal Fabrication
Metal Stamping
Metal Scrap Yard
Metal Wire Drawing
Microwave Transmission Equipment
Mobile Hydraulic Cranes
Oil and Gas onshore logistic bases
Oil and Gas Terminals
Paint Manufacturing and Blending
Paper Converting
Particle Board Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Plastic Blow Molding
Plastic Extrusion
Plastic Injection Molding
Potatoes - Fried and other products
Port Authority Handling Equipment
Pulp Mill
Radio Broadcasting
Road Construction
Sawmill/Planer Mill
Shipyard and Dry Dock
Shoe Manufacturing
Sugar Refinery
Television Broadcasting
Textile Plants
Thermal Fired Electrical Generation
Tomato Concentrate Plants
Tissue Manufacturing
Trucks and Trailers
Water Treatment and Pumping
Waste Recycling Power Generation